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Sunday, 27 September 2009


" My Aunt was a flapper girl in the 20's. My Grandmother always used to say she'd catch pneumonia because she never wore underwear underneath her skimpy dress. She had a big bust and it wasn't fashionable then so she used to have to strap her boobs right down, therefore she wasn't able to wear a bra!
My other memory of her was of her riding on the back of her husbands motorbike in a long black leather coat with a fitted riding hat. When it was her 80th birthday she insisted we take her to a motorbike exhibition. She couldn't quite get her leg over the seat to sit on one but made us all help her! How we laughed!"



"I make quilts and I made one for my Mother and one for my Mother in Law.
When my Mother died 2 years ago she was going to be cremated so I insisted that she was wrapped in the quilt I made her. It felt like the right thing to do."


To everyone that contributed to Gloria Blue at Metal's Village Green at chalkwell Park.
We had a wonderful time and heard the BEST tales - of trousers, swimming costumes and knitted underwear.
We were touched, moved, delighted and green eyed with jealously at times, but most of all we loved listening and laughing with you.
We'll be sharing the tales with you over the next few weeks.
Info on the next Black Dress party will be going out in a couple of weeks.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Susie in 1947

The dress was 5 guineas,her mother was shocked at the price,

She was taken to see Glen Miller but didn't get any Nylons,

She had a coat made from a blackmarket submarine blanket,

She was allowed to go bare legged in court,

Was careful with her shoe as getting them mended was a nightmare,

her lace up shoe were tied up with string.